20 NOV, 2023

Ayaan Paul Chowdhury

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In the landscape of global entrepreneurship, these cities stood out as the best for startups in 2023 according to Startup Blink, each fostering innovation and growth within their unique ecosystems.


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With a score of 56.774, Tel Aviv continues to be a thriving startup city known for its innovation and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

10. Tel Aviv

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Boasting a score of 57.477, Paris has solidified its position as a key player in the startup scene, offering a mix of culture, talent, and business opportunities.

9. Paris

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With a score of 64.232, Bangalore maintains its status as a major tech hub, attracting startups with its skilled workforce and vibrant atmosphere.

8. Bangalore

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Scoring 67.567, Shanghai's startup landscape is flourishing, fueled by a dynamic economy and a supportive environment for entrepreneurs.

7. Shanghai

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With an impressive score of 99.019, Beijing stands out as a powerhouse in the global startup ecosystem, combining technological prowess with a rapidly growing market.

6. Beijing

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Boston's score of 103.337 reflects its robust startup ecosystem, driven by world-class universities, research institutions, and a culture of innovation.

5. Boston

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With a score of 116.943, Los Angeles is a hotbed for creativity and entrepreneurship, attracting startups across various industries.

4. Los Angeles

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London's score of 127.426 cements its position as a leading global startup hub, offering a diverse and well-connected business environment.

3. London

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With a substantial score of 223.407, New York City remains a powerhouse for startups, combining finance, technology, and diverse talent.

2. New York City

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Dominating the list with an exceptional score of 546.427, the San Francisco Bay Area continues to be an unparalleled epicenter for startups, providing unparalleled access to resources and opportunities.

1. San Francisco Bay Area