10 Cities With Worst Traffic  In The World

22 SEP, 2023

Ayaan Paul Chowdhury

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These are the world's most traffic-choked cities, where commuters endure long hours in gridlock, grappling with extensive rush hour traffic that tests their patience and the efficiency of urban transportation systems.

A common struggle

The Colombian capital records 249 hours of rush hour traffic, highlighting the need for improved traffic management.

10. Bogota

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The Philippines' capital, Manila, grapples with 241 hours of rush hour gridlock annually.

9. Manila

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The Peruvian capital of Lima faces 254 hours of rush hour traffic, challenging its transportation infrastructure.

8. Lima

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The capital of Romania, Bucharest, experiences 277 hours of rush hour congestion, emphasising the need for traffic solutions.

7. Bucharest

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The Maharshtrian city in India reports 249 hours of rush hour traffic, leading to calls for better urban planning.

6. Pune

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Milan, in Italy, famous for fashion and culture, contends with 259 hours of rush hour gridlock each year.

5. Milan

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Sapporo, Japan, grapples with 240 hours of rush hour traffic, impacting the daily commute for its residents.

4. Sapporo

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The Irish capital faces 277 hours of rush hour congestion annually, prompting efforts to improve its transportation infrastructure.

3. Dublin

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India's tech hub experiences 260 hours of rush hour traffic, posing a challenge to its thriving IT industry.

2. Bengaluru

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Despite its robust public transportation system, London tops the list with a staggering 325 hours of rush hour traffic per year.

1. London

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