10 Countries With The Most Universities

15 SEP, 2023

Ayaan Paul Chowdhury

Photo: Getty Images

Take a look at the global landscape of higher education as we scroll through countries with the highest numbers of universities, each with its own unique academic legacy.

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France boasts 617 universities,  known for its world-class culinary arts and fashion programs, attracting students from around the globe to its universities.

10. France

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With 704 universities, Iran is renowned for its strong emphasis on science and engineering education, producing skilled professionals in these fields.

9. Iran

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Russia's 1,058 universities contribute to its long history of excellence in mathematics and space exploration, and its universities have contributed significantly to these fields.

8. Russia

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Japan's 1,063 universities reflect a hub for cutting-edge technology and robotics research, with universities playing a vital role in advancing these areas.

7. Japan

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Mexico's 1,173 universities are known for their vibrant culture and arts programmes, fostering creativity and artistic expression.

6. Mexico

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Brazil's 1,297 universities foster a strong focus on environmental and biodiversity research, given the country's vast natural resources.

5. Brazil

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China leads with 2,565 universities at the forefront of artificial intelligence and technology innovation, making it a global tech powerhouse.

4. China

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Indonesia's 2,595 universities contribute to preserving and studying the rich biodiversity of its archipelago, with a focus on marine sciences.

3. Indonesia

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The USA's 3,216 universities boast a diverse higher education system with a wide array of programs, making it a destination for students seeking variety and choice.

2. USA

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India tops the list with 5,288 universities, known for their cultural diversity and offer a wide range of courses, reflecting the country's rich heritage and emphasising its dedication to higher eductation.

1. India

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