8 States In  India With The Cheapest Alcohol

26 SEP, 2023

Dristi Sharma

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The price of liquor in Indian states can vary due to various factors, including taxation policies. According to the Industry Spirits and Wines Association, here's where you can find the cheapest bottle of spirit

alcohol prices vary 

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Goa is famous for its low alcohol prices, thanks to its lenient tax policies and the presence of a significant tourist industry. A bottle of spirit will cost you around Rs 100.

1. goa

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Delhi has a government-controlled liquor distribution system, and liquor prices are generally considered affordable compared to many other Indian states. Here, a bottle will cost you around Rs 134.

2. delhi

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Haryana is known for relatively lower liquor prices compared to some of its neighboring states. Gurugram in Haryana is famously known for selling cheap alcohol. (Rs 147/bottle)

3. Haryana

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In Uttar Pradesh, a single bottle of alcohol will cost you around Rs 197. Uttar Pradesh has quite a few liquor shops; some private, some govt.


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Rajasthan has seen some reduction in liquor prices due to government policies aimed at curbing illegal liquor sales. One bottle of alcohol will cost you  around Rs 213. 

5. rajasthan

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Maharashtra has a significant presence of both government-controlled and private liquor stores. With a tax of whopping 71%, a bottle will cost you Rs 226. 


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Telengana is the second most expensive place to buy liquor from, and one bottle will cost you Rs 246. 


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In India, the most expensive state to buy a bottle of alcohol is Karnataka, with a bottle costing you an eye-watering Rs 513. For some context, you can get the same at Goa for Rs 100!