10 Spiciest Dishes From Around The World

13 SEP, 2023

Ayaan Paul Chowdhury

Photo: Paqui

Paqui's One Chip Challenge has been making headlines for having caused the death of an American teen, following which it was pulled from stores.

the one chip challenge

Photo: Paqui

The infamous single chip boasted a a blend of the Carolina Reaper Pepper and the Scorpion Pepper - two of the hottest chillis in the world at 2.2 million and 1.3 million Scoville Heat Units respectively. 

a lethal combo

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Though the notorious chip is off the table, enter a world of fiery flavours with these globally renowned spicy dishes, each offering a tantalising blend of heat and taste, giving your taste buds a run for their money.

the fiery pits of hell

Som Tum Salad is a Thai green papaya salad, offering a spicy kick achieved through the use of chili, lime, and fish sauce, creating a refreshing yet fiery dish.

10. Som Tum Salad

Photo:  Allrecipes

Kimchi Jjigae is a Korean spicy kimchi stew, combining fermented cabbage, tofu, and red pepper flakes for a spicy and tangy taste.

9. Kimchi Jjigae

Photo:  Korean Bapsang

Jerk Chicken is a Jamaican favourite, featuring marinated and grilled chicken with a spicy jerk seasoning, typically containing fiery scotch bonnet peppers.

8. Jerk Chicken

Photo:  Simply Recipes

Chettinad Chicken is a South Indian specialty celebrated for its bold and spicy flavours, originating from a blend of aromatic spices and dried red chilies.

7. Chettinad Chicken

Photo:  But first Chai

Sichuan Hot Pot is a Chinese culinary experience where diners cook a variety of ingredients in a simmering, spicy broth infused with Sichuan peppercorns.

6. Sichuan Hot Pot

Photo:  The Woks of Life

Papa a la Huancaina is a Peruvian dish featuring boiled potatoes covered in a creamy and spicy cheese sauce made from aji amarillo peppers.

5. Papa a la Huancaina

Photo:  Gourmet.cl

Doro Wot is an Ethiopian chicken stew made with berbere spice, delivering a robust flavour profile and a notable level of heat.

4. Doro Wot

Photo:  Ministry of Curry

Gaeng Tai Pla is a pungent Thai curry prepared with fermented fish entrails, lending it a distinctive and potent spiciness.

3. Gaeng Tai Pla

Photo:  Taste Atlas

Jjambbong is a Korean spicy seafood noodle soup that combines a rich, spicy broth with various types of seafood, creating a hearty and spicy dish.

2. Jjambbong

Photo:  Korean Bapsang

Phaal Curry is a fiery Bangladeshi curry known for its extreme spiciness, achieved by using a mix of super-hot chili peppers and spices.

1. Phaal Curry

Photo:  Getty Images

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