8 Best Types  Of Coffee  Found In India

27 SEP, 2023

Sushim Mukul

Photo: Coffee Board

The 5th World Coffee Conference, co-hosted by the ICO and Coffee Board of India, at Bengaluru Palace from September 25 to 28 is bringing together participants from over 80 nations.


Photo: Ananya Bhattacharya

The Conference aims to promote and showcase the best variants of India's coffee along with uniting industry stakeholders with a focus on growth, sustainability, and economic benefits.


Photo: Pexel

Grown in the Chandragiri region of Karnataka, Chandragiri coffee boasts a balanced flavour with a fruity hint in taste.


Photo: Pexel

This variety from the Northeast is cultivated in relatively lower lands with a higher rainfall. The coffee from here tastes a bit woody and fruity with mild acidic tones.


Photo: Neeraj Negi on Unsplash

Grown in the Coorg region of Karnataka, Arabica is slightly acidic; while the softer Robusta seeds carry a chocolaty taste.


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Known as the Coffee Country globally, both the Arabica and Robusta beans from Chikmagaluru have a mild acidic taste with a medium to high aroma.


Photo: gulmohar8086 on Instagram

Blessed with cooler weather and high altitudes, Nilgiri coffee has a mild, mellow taste with a subtle citrus note.


Photo: Sushim Mukul

Grown in the Eastern Ghats, not too far from Vizag, the tiny beans of Araku coffee are known for their unique earthy notes and distinct fruity overtones.


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Originating from the place where coffee was first cultivated in India, this variety has a combination of floral and spice flavours. It is also known for its slow maturation and careful processing.


Photo: Unsplash

An all-Arabica, rain-fed variant from Tamil Nadu, is known for its distinct greyish beans having a strong aroma with a slightly citrus taste.