25 JAN 2023

Anant Ambani Wears Cartier Panther Brooch


the engagement

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant got formally engaged at the Ambani residence in Mumbai on January 19.

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the brooch

Onlookers were dazzled by an exquisite piece of jewellery worn by the youngest Ambani heir - the renowned Cartier Panthere brooch.

Photo: Yogen Shah

PantherE de cartier

The Cartier Panther brooches are usually made in platinum or gold, and bodies set with brilliant diamonds, and the panther rosettes made of cabochon cut onyx.

Photo: Cartier

onyx and emeralds

The panther's nose has a black onyx as well, and its sparkling eyes are made of pear-shaped emeralds.

Photo: Cartier

literary inspiration

The Lady and the Panther by Jean de La Fontaine served as the inspiration for the iconic piece of jewellery. 

Photo: Pinterest

immaculate design

The brooches are crafted by the French manufacturers with precision and designed to stay on the fabric and not to turn over.

Photo: Cartier

the pricing

The base designs of the Cartier Panther brooch are currently priced at $162,000 (Rs 1.3 crore). However, the one that Anant wore, was customised. So, the price is not known.

Photo: Cartier

a symbol

The panther is Cartier's iconic animal; a symbol of power and strength. The jewellery all exemplify these qualities. 

Video: Instagram/Cartier

the origins

"Emeralds, onyx, diamonds, a brooch!” is what French jeweller Jeanne Toussaint apparently screamed after spotting a panther in the wild while on safari with Louis Cartier.

Photo: Cartier

a celebrity favourite

The brooch has been seen on the red carpets with various celebrities adorning it, most recently Chinese actor Xiao Zhan

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a testAmEnt to wealth

Deepthi Sasidharan, an art historian, says that the Cartier panther is “a striking testament to wealth and a timeless favourite, endlessly reinvented”.

Photo: The Pink Panther

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