by Shaurya Thapa

Avatar: The Way of the Water drops in theatres December 16, 13 years after its prequel. 

In case you missed the "bazillion" re-releases, here's a quick rundown of what happened in Avatar.

The planet of Pandora is inhabited by the blue-skinned humanoids 'Na'vi'. 

Pandora is toxic for other species but humans want to mine a special material scattered all over it.

Enter Jake Sully, a paraplegic Marine who agrees to turn into a Na'avi after a spinal surgery. 

With the ability to walk again, Jake infilitrates a Na'vi group and learns their ways and customs. 

While also falling in love with the Na'vi warrior Neytiri, Jake decides to side with the colonised folks. 

And then in typical 'white saviour' manner, Jake leads the Na'vis into an epic battle against the humans. 

The villainous Colonel Quaritch serves as a thorn in the side but even he's taken care of in the battle.

Jake embraces his new 'avatar' and stays on in Pandora. The Way of the Water covers what happens next.