24 MAR 2023

Bengaluru Painted Pink By Spring Blossoms


spring is here

The arrival of spring in Bengaluru, Karnataka is marked by the blooming of the beautiful pink trumpet flowers. 

photo: india today

that time of the year

Bengaluru-based aerial photographer Raj Mohan, on his Twitter handle, shared some stunning views of what Bengaluru looks like at the moment.

video: @rajography47/twitter

namma bengaluru goes pink

Raj Mohan's aerial shots give a flowery makeover to the otherwise-industrial city. 

photo: @rajography47/twitter

benninganahalli lake

"Who wouldn't like morning walks in a place like this," tweeted Mohan while sharing a video of a road near Benninganahalli Lake.

video: @rajography47/twitter

the brits play a part in this!

It's interesting to note that the flowers were actually introduced to Bengaluru by the Brits, who wanted to remind themselves of a spring just like home. 



These pink flowers start blooming in Bengaluru from January and continue till March. 

photo: @an_aradhya/twitter

The other side

Some Bangaloreans have issues though. Twitter user @R_Dravia says, "The flowers make a dirty mess on the roads once they fall and stink up the place." 

photo: @an_aradhya/twitter


photo: prashobh chandralayan/twitter

Many citizens of Bengaluru mistake the pink trumpets for cherry blossoms, but both are different in terms of shape and geographical area.

last year's trumpets

photo: @mpapmithram/twitter

The blooming of the pink trumpets is an annual tradition in Bengaluru. Here's a glimpse from 2022. 

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