2 FEB 2023

Cheetah Safari at Kuno National Park Starts in February

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CHEETAHs in kuno

In September 2022, India welcomed eight cheetahs from Namibia to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. And soon, you might be able to see them in person.

video: twitter/nitin gadkari


Cheetah Safaris are all set to begin at Kuno National Park this month; ie. February 2023.

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no date set yet

While Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has confirmed kicking off the cheetah safari, no date has been set yet.

photo: kuno national park 

Madhya Pradesh government hopes that the cheetah safari will boost tourism in the state and benefit the local communities. 


video: twitter/nitin gadkari

only cheetahs in india

The African cheetahs at Kuno are the only cheetahs in India at the moment.

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female cheetah ill

While all the eight Namibian cheetahs have well adapted to their new surroundings and begun hunting; a female cheetah, Sasha, is ill with a kidney infection. 

video: ani 

12 more cheetahs on their way

India is set to get 12 more African cheetahs in February 2023. Seven males and five females will be brought from South Africa. 

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100 cheetahs in 10 years

India is planning to bring around 100 African cheetahs to the country in the next 8-10 years, with 12 big cats coming in per year.

video: twitter/nitin gadkari

Asiatic cheetahs native to India were wiped out by 1950s. The current program aims to repopulate India with African cheetahs.

Photo: Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society

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