3 FEB 2023

Chennai Airport Gets
A Swanky Multiplex

amrutha pagad


PVR recently opened the first ever multiplex inside an Indian airport, at the Chennai International Airport.

photo: twitter/aaichnairport

five big screens

The multiplex boasts of five big screens and a seating capacity of 1,200. 

photo: twitter/aaichnairport


You can find the big-screen entertainment zone located at the east side of the MLCP building at the Chennai airport.

photo: twitter

If you are bored to death waiting in the lounge for your flight or are worried about your long layover, you can buy a ticket to a movie. 

a movie while you wait

photo: twitter/aaichnairport

the sleeping pod

Not just a new entertainment centre, but Chennai airport also has sleeping pods where you can catch on some ZZZs on a long layover, with some privacy.

photo: twitter/aaichnairport

airports ABROAD

Singapore's Changi Airport is more than just an airport, it is an attraction in itself. And Changi Airport also boasts of a cinema.

photo: facebook/changi airport 

the rain vortex

Changi airport's most well-known attraction is the Rain Vortex.

video: twitter


The skytrain that goes around the Rain Vortex at the Changi Airport makes the scenery look unreal and from the future. 

photo: twitter/changiairport

What do you think, will you buy a ticket to watch a movie at an airport?

Photo: changi airport

are you buying a ticket? 

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