TOP 10 PLaces to celebrate christmas in india 

22  DEC, 2023

Sweta Gupta

In majority-Christian Goa, Christmas turns into a lively carnival with streets and churches adorned in festive lights. The vibrant atmosphere, filled with carols and parties, draws tourists from all over.

1. goa

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Many European-built churches, like St. Patricks on Brigade Road and All Saints Church on Hosur, boast unique designs, reflecting the city's rich history.

2. bangalore

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3. shillong

Shillong, with a sizable Christian population, celebrates Christmas with great zeal, creating a festive atmosphere.The midnight mass draws a large crowd, singing carols and enjoying soulful gospel music.

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4. Pondicherry

Pondicherry, nestled off the coast of Tamil Nadu, is a top spot for Christmas celebrations. With a French influence, the Union Territory hosts vibrant festivities, especially by its Christian community. 

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Whether big or small, churches stay open all night, hosting large crowds for the midnight mass. Beyond the celebrations, explore Kerala's backwaters, beautiful beaches, and shop for spices from the Western Ghats.


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Known as the city that never sleeps, Mumbai's Christmas celebration is wild. The colonial past adds charm, especially in the Bandra suburbs, making it a must-visit during Christmas


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Kolkata, the City of Joy, becomes even more joyful during Christmas. Do not miss out the classic Park Street which is decked up for Christmas with live music and lots of stalls on the streets.


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Daman & Diu, though not a top Christmas destination, becomes a delight during the festive season. With cultural shows, Portuguese dance, midnight mass, and lit-up skies, it's a charming place to visit.


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Manali is a top pick for Christmas in India, though it gets crowded. Experience a fairy-tale Christmas in this hill station. Enjoy adventures like skiing and snowboarding or simply play in the snow.


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Experience the iconic toy train ride with picturesque mountain views. Shimla's colonial architecture adds a British touch, and you can enjoy British-era cafes and shop for wooden toys on Lakkad Bazaar.


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