10 Most Legendary Dessert Places In India As Per  Taste Atlas

15 SEP, 2023

Sushim Mukul

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Celebrating the blend of science, precision and timeless culinary art, Taste Atlas has come up with its list of Legendary dessert places, with Istanbul’s Hafız Mustafa and Vienna’s Café Central at the top.


Photo: Pexel

A bunch of old Indian sweet shops and bakeries loved by generations too feature on the list. 


Photo: Sushim Mukul

The corner shop at the edge of Dariba Kalan in Chandni Chowk is known for its thick, crunchy, ghee jalebis infused with saffron-flavoured syrup. Do not forget to top it up with their rich rabdi.


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The iconic brand with multiple outlets in the city serves rich and creamy kulfis, topped with silky faloodas and a dash of pistachio and rose syrup garnishing.

prakash kulfi, lucknow

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The kulfis here aren't like any other kulfis. This age-old shop in Chawri Bazar moulds their kulfis inside scooped-out fruits and serves the frozen goodness after peeling it off.


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The iconic ice cream place in Churchgate is known for its innovative ice cream sandwich with thin wafers wrapped around a thick slab of ice cream of your choice.

k rustom, mumbai

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Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick is renowned for their Bengali sweets, especially their sandesh, a delicate, subtly sweet treat made from saffron and cardamon-infused fresh chhena.

b&r mullick, kolkata

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The iconic establishment in Hyderabad has been serving a diverse range of cookies, cakes, and pastries since 1953. The standout offering is their candied fruit-filled flakey biscuits.


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Established in 1927, Flurys in Kolkata is a famous tea room and bakery. Among its desserts, the rum balls stand out, offering a mouthful blend of chocolate, rum, and moist sponge cake.

Flurys, kolkata

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Chitale Bandhu's Bhakarwadi is a unique Maharashtrian snack known for its perfect blend of spic, sweet, and savoury flavours.


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KC Das, the Kolkata establishment since 1866, is credited with the classic Indian sweet, rasgulla. The soft and fluffy cheese balls soaked in sugary goodness have become an icon of Bengal.

kC das, Kolkata

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Pune's iconic Kayani Bakery is known for its Parsi and Iranian baked goodies, especially the mawa cake made with condensed milk, cardamom, and nuts, which is synonymous with the bakery.