by Shaurya Thapa

In the 2006 World Cup, 18-year-old Lionel Messi scored his first-ever tournament goal in a 6-0 win over Serbia. 

Credit- FIFA Twitter

In Brazil 2014, Messi scored a goal against Bosnia in the 65th minute, giving his team a lead of 2-0. 

Credit- Reuters

Then, Iran gave Argentina a tough time for 90 mins until Messi pulled off a last-minute gamechanger. 

2014 also included a match with Nigeria, in which Messi scored an easy one in the third minute. 

Credit- FIFA Official

The same match saw the team getting a free kick pretty far off from the post. Messi still scored!

Saudi Arabia pulled off a surprise 2-1 win in FIFA this year. Messi's penalty goal was still spectacular. 

Credit- Reuters

Qatar has been smooth sailing, with Messi scoring a goal past the goalie's left, against Mexico. 

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This was followed by one against Australia in what was Messi's 1,000th professional game!

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He turned a 73rd minute penalty into another goal against Netherlands this World Cup. 

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The latest addition in his World Cup goals was against Croatia in the semis. 

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Messi's spot kick-turned-goal is his 11th World Cup goal, the highest for any Argentine player.