22 MAR 2023

Succession 4 Gets A Dazzling Premiere


final season premiere

The premiere for the fourth and final season of the hit HBO series Succession was held at the Lincoln Center in New York City. 

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drama series sweep

Following its indomitable run at the Emmys last year, the event was highly anticipated by fans of the show, marking the beginning of the end.

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succession cast shows up

All the cast members of Succession, including Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, Matthew Macfadyen and more, were present at the premiere.

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kendall roy

Strong, who is known for his quirky fashion choices, donned a monochromatic brown ensemble akin to his character in the series, Kendall Roy.

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siobhan roy

Sarah Snook, who plays Siobhan Roy on the show, showed off her baby bump, announcing her 32-week pregnancy with her husband, Dave Lawson.

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roman roy

Kieran Culkin, who plays Roman Roy, made a rare red carpet appearance with his wife, Jazz Charton.

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logan roy

Brian Cox channelled his inner Logan Roy by shouting at the end of the red carpet - a fitting tribute to his portrayal of the ruthless media mogul.

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father-son moment

Cox was also seen sharing a laugh with Strong, suggesting that there is no beef between them despite recent critiques about his on-screen son's method acting.

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dressing in character

Most of the other cast members opted for a business-stoic look, sporting lots of navy and gray suits and no-tie formals on the red carpet. 

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the roys

All the Roys had a moment on the carpet as well, though the air seemed rife with the same tension which their respective characters carry themselves with. 

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the showrunner

The creator of Succession, Jesse Armstrong, expressed his remorse that the series is coming to an end but is also looking forward to some time off. 

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He did not rule out the possibility of a Succession spinoff, which has left fans speculating about what could be next for the show (Cousin Greg perhaps?).

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The first episode of the fourth and final season of Succession is set to premiere on March 26 on Disney+ Hotstar.

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