10 OCT, 2023

Dristi Sharma

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The Gaza Strip is a narrow piece of land located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is currently the centre of the Israel-Hamas conflict.


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The Gaza Strip is one of two Palestinian territories. The other is the Israel-occupied West Bank, which includes East Jerusalem and borders Jordan and the Dead Sea.


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The southwestern border of the Gaza Strip stretches for approximately 11 km along Egypt, with Rafah being the primary border crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

Border with Egypt

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The Gaza Strip shares a border of approximately 51 km with Israel to the east and north. This border has caused tension and conflict between the two.

Borders with Israel

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The Gaza Strip is geographically separated from the West Bank by Israeli territory. The West Bank is a landlocked territory that forms the main bulk of the Palestinian territories.

seperation from west bank 

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Sunni Muslims make up the most part of the population in the Gaza Strip. Almost 40% of the population is under 15.

gaza's demographic 

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Today, with over 2 million Palestinians living within roughly 362 sq kms, it is one of the world’s most densely populated territories. 

most deNSely populated AREA

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Hamas, led by Ismail Haniyeh, took over Gaza in the 2006 elections. Since then no elections has taken place.

who controls the gaza strip?

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Israel & Egypt (southern border) have maintained a strict blockade of the Gaza Strip since 2007, controlling the flow of goods, people, and services in and out of the territory.