24 MAR 2023

10 Best Dialogues From The Namesake


the namesake turns 17 

The Namesake marks 17 years of its Indian release. Based on the novel by Jhumpa Lahiri, The Namesake was directed by Mira Nair and starred Irffan, Tabu, and Kal Penn. 

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an immigration story 

The film revolved around Bengali immigrants Ashoke (Irffan) and Ashima (Tabu) who struggle with their new life in America while their son Gogol (Penn) is caught between two worlds. 

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based on jhumpa lahiri's novel

The script written by Nair's frequent collaborator Sooni Taraporewala faithfully adapts some of Lahiri's original quotes.

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Here are some of the best dialogues from The Namesake...

ashoke on books

"My grandfather always says that is what books are for. To travel without moving an inch."

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"Just as I'm about to kiss her, she looks at me and she says, "What's your name?" Gogol Ganguli. End of seduction 101." 


Ashima: He wants to keep Gogol and not Nikhil as his good name. Fine. 

Ashoke: With a president named Jimmy, there is nothing we can do. 

ASHIma on shifting homes

"For 25 years I missed my life in India. And now, I will miss my life here. And all of you, who became my family."

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ashoke on keeping memories

"The camera! It is in the car. All this and no picture, huh? We just have to remember it then. Huh? Will you remember this day, Gogol?"

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gogol's namesake

"Did you guys know all this stuff about him [Russian writer Nikolai Gogol] when you decided to name me? That he was paranoid, suicidal, friendless, depressed?"

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"Remember that you and I made this journey, that we went together to a place where there was nowhere left to go.”

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meeting indian parents 101

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"There are some things you should know. Um, no kissing, no holding hands. I've never seen my parents touch, let alone anything else."

a son remembers his father 

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"Pack a pillow and blanket. Go, see the world. You will never regret it, Gogol."
-Gogol to himself (final lines)

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