by Shaurya Thapa

Fighting in an airplane is becoming quite common these days (especially among Indians). 

The latest incident comes from a flight from last November that Air India disclosed only now. 

On AI 102 from New York to Delhi, a drunk man apparently urinated on an elderly woman.

The incident happened in business class and the crew reportedly just brushed it off!

December 2022 also proved to be a disastrous month for Indians on flights. 

The IST-DEL IndiGo flight on Dec 16 found a cabin crew member arguing with a passenger. 

The altercation resulted from some passengers being rude and calling the flight staff "servants". 

More recently, a Thai Smile flight from Bangkok to Kolkata witnessed a full-blown fistfight!

In 2022, an American passenger also punched a flight attendant on an American Airlines flight. 

Here's hoping 2023 is a stabler year for aviation!