10 Countries  With Most Starbucks Outlets

14  SEP, 2023

Debodinna Chakraborty

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It's no wonder that the United States of America has the most number of Starbucks, with the number going all the way up to 15,952 shops across the country.

1. USA: 15,952

The number takes a significant hit as it reaches the second country on this list: China. The country has a total of 6,000 outlets.

2. China: 6,000

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Next-door neighbour of the US, Canada has the third highest number of Starbucks with a total of 2,395 stores.

3. Canada: 2,395

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Japan, praised for its technology, is no way behind when it comes to coffee. The country has the fourth highest number of Starbucks. 

4. Japan: 1,415

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The British are famous for their teas, but no one talks about their coffees. United Kingdom has a total of 1,214 Starbucks shops in the entire country. 

5. United Kingdom: 1,214

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Famous for K-Pop, food dishes and cinema, South Koreans also take their coffee very seriously. The country has a total of 1,080 Starbucks shops, making it sixth on the list of countries with the most number of Starbucks.

6. South Korea: 1,080

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The number takes significant dip yet again, as we come down to Turkiye, formerly Turkey, which has 663 Starbucks shops across the country. 

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8. Taiwan: 550

Taiwan, which is renowned for Bubble Tea, has quite a healthy crowd of coffee drinkers. The country comes eighth on the list with 550 Starbucks shops. 

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9. MEXICO: 531

Another US neighbour, Mexico is significantly behind them with a total of 531 shops across the country. 

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10. INDONESIA: 500

The final place on the list goes to Indonesia, which has 500 Starbucks shops across the country. 

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WHere is India?

All the names on this list might have left you wondering - "Where is India?". India is number 15 on the list, with 270 Starbucks outlets across the country.

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