by Amrutha Pagad

Over 100 flights were delayed this week at Delhi airport due to dense fog and visibility issues. Here's what to do in case you are caught in such a situation:

Firstly, fliers need to know that airlines aren't obligated to compensate the customers in case of weather-related and other extraordinary issues. 

Book a flight during daytime, preferrably between 10 am and 4 pm, when the fog is less. 

Get travel insurance in case of cancellations or delays

If not insurance, some airlines also issue travel waivers that you can use to change or cancel your trip free of cost. 

Don't forget to give your contact details to the airline while booking ticket. They can call you in case of cancellations or delays.

Keep your ears peeled for announcements related to refreshments or accomodation in case of delays.

If you have to wait at airport, check if your credit card offers complimentary airport lounge access. 

Before you leave for the airport and till boarding, keep checking the airline's website and Twitter handle for updates. 

Ask your airline to book you in another flight. You can also check websites like ExpertFlyer which show real-time seat availability. 

You can cancel your ticket last-minute and still get some refund. The money you paid on statutory taxes needs to be refunded. 

Keep an eye on flight monitors as airlines have a narrow window during bad weather to get flights out quickly.