Lockdown Love: When their eyes locked during lockdown

Gathering all his guts, Rex extended a paw towards her. Just when they were getting closer, Vaibhav picked up Brownie in his arms.

 |  2-minute read |   13-07-2020
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Lockdown Love. Our new series explores love in this new ab-normal life. Where masks have replaced kisses and hugs have become emojis. Where cold steel and glass have replaced the warmth of flesh and blood. How has love changed? Or is it still the same, underneath the layers of disinfectants and face-coverings? Tell us a new love story. In 250 words or less. Send your submissions to lockdownlove.dailyo@gmail.com

We will publish the best ones on Mondays.



By Sucharita Sen

It was that time of the day. Rex was growing anxious as Rohini continued to lie on the sofa and was busy with her phone. Rex thought to himself, "Has she not seen the watch yet? It's time for my walk already!" Rex couldn't bear it anymore and pawed Rohini. Startled, Rohini got up. "Stop it and go get your leash," Rohini yelled at him. Even before she realised, Rex was back with his leash.

As Rohini threw the gates open, Rex could hear Brownie bark. "Maybe she is looking for me." Rex's eyes lit up. As they took a turn round the corner, there she was. Their eyes locked again. Breathing heavily through their masks, Rex and Brownie couldn't stop looking at each other. Everything else around just froze. Their eyes spoke a thousand words. Cupid had struck them a few months ago and even before they could express their love for each other, a ruthless virus struck, and the world went into a lockdown and stalled their love story.

Shy as always, Brownie didn't move an inch. Gathering all his guts, Rex extended a paw and just when they were getting closer, Vaibhav picked up Brownie in his arms. Rohini pulled Rex towards the house and they walked back. Rex was pained again. How he longed for Brownie's hug. Rex remembered her enchanting eyes and shiny brown hair. "Tomorrow I'll meet her again and she'll be mine forever..." Rex thought to himself and his eyes lit up.

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