[Watch] Democrat wins in the last week should offer America hope

Not only did they win some important elections, but there were some really awesome candidates as well.

 |  1-minute read |   14-11-2017
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This past week saw some elections in the United States. It was a real good night for the Democrats. Not only did they win some important elections, but there were some really awesome candidates as well.

I was pretty scared going into the night. I think few "Lefty folks" in America aren't still feeling some PTSD over “Election Night 2016” when we felt very confident going into the evening and then... well... we all know how that happened.

That said, I've been a politics junkie for a while, and that means often having your hopes destroyed. I remember exit polls in 2004 making it seem like Kerry would destroy Bush, and then my dreams were dashed the following day.

danica-roem_111417074649.jpgDanica Roem, the first transgender person to be elected and seated to an American state legislature.

Political elections are like love – it feels so good when it works the way you want precisely because you have so many dark memories of it failing in the past – and, continuing that analogy, the 2017 elections were like a very fulfilling short term fling after a period of emotional devastation.

It isn't the most consequential relationship of your life, and you are not likely to remember it years later. However, at the time, it is exactly what you needed to feel good about the world.

And that, my friends, is exactly how election night 2017 felt to most folks on the American left.

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