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Bollywood projections, Stereotyping, Bihariidentity

You don't look like a Bihari: Validating my identity in 2020

To be very blunt, Arjun Kapoor portraying a Bihari in the 2017 movie Half Girlfriend is what nightmares are made of.


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News channels, Tv reporting, Journalism

In Defence of TV Journalism: A reporter from the ground tells you the other side

Here is an unabashed shout out to all my predecessors and peers who have been a part of making an honest effort at TV reportage.


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Khichuri-ilish, Mora torsha, Cooch Behar, MonsoonKOCH DIARIES

Monsoon in the foothills: Non-stop rain and Khichuri-Ilish Bhaja

Rain is the only constant in my part of the country. That's how it is with the foothills.


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Dogs, Pets, Lockdownlove

Lockdown Love: When their eyes locked during lockdown

Gathering all his guts, Rex extended a paw towards her. Just when they were getting closer, Vaibhav picked up Brownie in his arms.


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Relationships and love, Bakery, Cookies, French heartsKOCH DIARIES

Lockdown Love: French Hearts

Nearly three years had passed by and a virus had shut everyone in. The world was locked. The fragrance of bakeries were a thing of the past.


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Separation, Two States, Marriage and relationships, Lockdownlove

Lockdown Love: Two States, One Screen

Diksha and Anil had never been apart in the 25 years of their marriage. However, the pandemic reigned and the lockdown separated them on her special day.


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Relationships and life, Facetime, Long distance relationships, Lockdownlove

Lockdown Love: FaceTime

Virtual calls that brought the world closer during the coronavirus could not connect these two anymore.


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Human emotions, Empathy, Compassion, Coronacrisis

How compassion needs to be cultivated in the Corona era

Compassion is not really an emotion that can be taught or ‘worked upon’. It is a quality of life that only arises as a byproduct, once you are at peace with your emotional pain.


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Cheating, Relationships and love, Lockdownlove

Lockdown Love: Till I See You Again

He was all hers now. The lockdown was letting her trust him again.


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Coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19, Masks, Toddlers

Lockdown Parenting: When toddlers start asking Why

The most heart-wrenching question for me is when I force my two-year-old son to put a mask on each time we step outside and he asks “Why, mamma?”