Look at the world just after rain

A pictorial journey in the meadows by Laka Glacier at the foot of Moon Peak in Himachal Pradesh.

 |  Life  |  1-minute read |   13-07-2015
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pic-1_071315033928.jpg A goat - splendid creature - surveys the view below. Fog and clouds have become one.

pic-2_071315034049.jpg A red-suited couple - almost giddily, one could imagine - exploring the forest of green, still wet with raindrops.

pic-3_071315040549.jpg An insect daintily perched on the leaf of a doppelgänger for a pitcher plant. In the background, the fog sweeps in.

pic-4_071315034227.jpg Delicate, latticed wings against the powder blue petals.

pic-5_071315035947.jpg A heart-shaped surprise nestled amongst the moist blades of grass.

pic-6_071315040019.jpg A honeybee sitting squatly in a flower, completely absorbed by its task.

pic-7_071315040652.jpg This edible fern is locally known as "lungdu". I espied gaily-attired local women gathering them into worn out rucksacks, hurrying home before the sun sets.

pic-8_071315040340.jpg A lone ranger on the velvety moss.

pic-9_071315040240.jpg A sprig, a burst of emerald - no larger than one's fingernail - sprouts in the trunk of a fallen tree.

pic-10_071315040158.jpg Enroute to Triund at 2875 meters, an ethereal pair of toadstools seemingly float near the base of a rotting log.

pic-11_071315040519.jpg A slug amongst ferns, an iridescent hue, such as the colours are after the rain.


Eirliani Abdul Rahman Eirliani Abdul Rahman

The writer is Director at the Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation, and is a member of the Advisory Council of the Global Diplomacy Lab which seeks to turn diplomacy on its head by involving non-traditional actors.

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