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Anil Kapoor, sridevi, Mr India, Mogambo, Shekhar Kapur

Mr India, Bollywood's first sci-fi film: 30 years on, 30 things you didn't know

How Amrish Puri would have never had a chance to say 'Mogambo Khush Huwa', and more.


 |  5-minute read
Women, Body Shaming, Bikini politics, swim suit

Will Priyanka Chopra’s Baywatch help normalise swimsuits for Indians?

Indian women continue to wonder what is it that makes a bikini obscene.


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India-Pakistan, Surgical strike, Nowshera

Truth behind surgical strikes and India-Pakistan video games

Releasing footage immediately after the Indian one leaves much in doubt.


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Kashmir, Pakistan, Indian Army

How Modi government can avoid Kashmir slipping from India's hands

The common Kashmiri is caught between the Indian Army’s unmitigated hard stance on the street and jihadi bloodletting on the other.


 |  3-minute read
Sonia Gandhi, Opposition, president's election

India's next president and vice president will be Modi's men

Congress will hope this coming together lays the foundation of a grand alliance for 2019 Lok Sabha elections.


 |  Angiography |   Long-form
Jammu and Kashmir, Indian Army, Nitin Leetul Gogoi

Indian Army normalised war crime by awarding officer who used a Kashmiri as human shield

By honouring Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi, the state has rewarded brazen violation of law.


 |  4-minute read
Pakistan, Indian TV, BJP, India, RSS, Army

No one wants India-Pakistan war more badly than news studios

The troubling aspect is that BJP spokespersons are part of this orchestrated half 'battle cry'.