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Hindutva, Colonialism, Yogi Adityanath

Why are some people opposing a yogi as a CM?

The Adityanath phenomenon has once again exposed the fault-lines of a confused Hindi heartland.


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Mughals, Europeans, Colonialism, Indian History

Why Roy Moxham's new book, The Theft of India, leaves you disappointed

[Book review] And this despite the fact that the book paints an 'unflattering picture of the civilised West as it stripped India of its riches'.


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Colonialism, Indian History, Goa

How the Portuguese used Hindu-Muslim wars - and Christianity - for the bloody conquest of Goa

[Book extract] Yet, many of the foreigners did not even survive the journey to the coast.


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Colonialism, Taxes, Indian Stamp Act

Another British legacy: Indian Stamp Act still oppressing us

The tragedy is that brown sahibs that took over from Brits accepted not just their laws and systems but also their motives and attitudes.


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Akbar Road, Colonialism, History

What India can learn from Portugal about embracing its history

In the land of Vasco da Gama old names remain; old heroes are honoured.


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Book Extract, Coffee, Colonialism

How India discovered coffee

[Book extract] Baba Budan wrapped seven beans around his belly and got them out of Arabia.


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Marc Andreessen, Facebook, Free Basics, Colonialism

Free Basics, rude manners: Andreessen's tweet made my blood boil

More than being factually incorrect, it’s the attitude that offended.


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Colonialism, Homosexuality, Section 377

Set India free: SC needs to rid 'British morality' of Section 377

The biggest service Supreme Court can do to India is by staying true to the basic doctrines of our Constitution.


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Book Extract, Indian History, Colonialism, Hindutva

How Hindutva agents are more colonial than Left-liberals

[Book excerpt] Religious nationalism for all its espousal of the indigenous, clings with greater determination to its colonial roots.