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BJP will never be Congress-mukt: It has become the party it hates

The BJP does not tire of bragging that it is a party with a difference but in reality it is stuck in the same rut.


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Rajya Sabha Elections, Congress, Modi-Shah, Ahmed Patel

Inside story of BJP’s fight against Ahmed Patel and its impact on national politics

During the climactic phase of the 2014 general elections, Modi had given an interview which raised the hackles in the Congress.


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National icons are dead for a reason. Congress and BJP should let them rest

If Indian politicians had any sense of shame, they would pay tributes to the sacrifices of the past greats and shut up.


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BJP, Rajya Sabha polls, Congress, Ahmed Patel

What Ahmed Patel's victory means for Congress, a party that had forgotten how to win

BJP president Amit Shah tried every trick in the book to see 'Sonia Gandhi's proxy' fall.


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With Venkaiah Naidu beating Gopal Krishna Gandhi in vice-presidential polls, BJP's ascendance is complete

The NDA now occupies the top three premier constitutional posts in the country.


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Identity politics is not dead: What Congress can do to beat BJP at its own game

Commoners understand no loaded statements. They act on fears. You just need the saffron party to tap them.


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4 simple growth models that BJP is using to paint India saffron

Whether it’s winning, stealing, manufacturing or manipulating the mandate, the biggest political party in the country has now done it all.


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BJP, Congress, Gujarat, Amit Shah

Why it's important for Ahmed Patel to weather the Amit Shah storm in Gujarat

BJP's 'operation' to unseat the senior Congress leader from Rajya Sabha has been in the works for several months.


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Congress, BJP, Ahmad Patel, Amit Shah

NOTA option for MLAs in Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls may upset Congress’ plan to ensure Ahmed Patel’s win

Amid factions splitting and allegations of cross-voting leading to MLAs being parked in a Bengaluru hotel, comes the controversial EC decision.


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Amit Shah, Ahmed Patel, Congress, Gujarat

Decoding Gujarat 'resort politics': Why Amit Shah is so desperate for revenge

The Rajya Sabha seat at stake is that of Ahmed Patel. He is not just another Congress MP, he is Sonia Gandhi's eyes and ears.