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In the new India, wisdom is becoming outdated recipe

In the age of Modi and Trump, information is more important than knowledge, language is just a functional device, and history began 10 years ago.


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How US and India can join hands to tame Pakistan

Trump can play the India card to make Islamabad follow through on promises.


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Black Entertainment Television Awards, Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump, Eminem

Why Eminem's vulgar rap against Trump has acceptance

Ignoring the voices of the marginalised PoC and empowering the rap star, is more or less, why America is in a fix.


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Donald Trump's Iran gamble could hit India too

New Delhi's bid to counter the One Belt One Road by creating transportation linkages through the Iranian ports is at stake.


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Donald Trump, Terrorism, Afghanistan, Pakistan

Pakistan can't blame India or US for its failures in Afghanistan

The neighbouring country has spoilt its chances of making a difference in Kabul by supporting terror.


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Terrorism, Hassan Rouhani, North Korea, Iran

Trump’s hyphenation of Iran and North Korea can be disastrous for US

The US President’s belligerence vis-à-vis Iran will hit many American companies.


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Brown People, Puerto Rico, Hurricane, Donald Trump

[Watch] Trump doesn't care about brown people

Puerto Ricans say American President only bothers about football.


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Will 280-character tweet limit start a nuclear war? Twitter reacts

The move is arguably the most significant change the micro blogging website has made to the platform since its launch in 2006.


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Donald Trump, Trumpcare, Jimmy Kimmel

Making America sick again: Will Trumpcare fail the ultimate Jimmy Kimmel test?

It is absolutely stunning to see, hear and experience the power of democracy - open debate in society and social media - being led by a Hollywood celebrity.