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Health, Women, Polycystic ovary syndrome

Why PCOS is on the rise among Indian women

There is a general lack of awareness regarding the condition and it often remains undetected for years.


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Smoking, Health, Vitamins

This is how you must eat your vitamins

We are what we absorb (and not just what we eat).


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India, Health, Earth day, Climate change

5 climate change challenges India needs to wake up to

We need to look into methods of creating carbon sinks that reverse global warming.


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Health, Coffee

Is too much caffeine making you anxious and jittery?

Psychiatrists rarely enquire about caffeine intake when assessing patients.


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Women, Health, Vagina

V is for Vagina - there I have said it

Seriously, what kind of secrets can a tiny hole keep?


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Health, Yoga, Namaz

Yoga and namaz are more alike than you would like to believe

Both require minimal expenditure of energy, and pay huge dividend in terms of physical health, mental tranquillity and upkeep of right posture.


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Food, Health, Mushrooms

Diet rich with mushrooms can help fight every lifestyle disease

The wonder antioxidant covers everything from weight loss to cancer resistance, to even happiness.


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Diabetes, Weight Loss, Maple syrup, Sugar

It's a great idea to give up sugar for maple syrup

It packs within it 63 diffferent kinds of antioxidants. Now that's impressive.


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Health, Hypothyroidism, Body Shaming, Fat shaming

Why it took me two decades to stop hating my body

From wanting to disappear to getting angry with others and myself, my body image has taken me through several emotional tsunamis.