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Terrorism, Kashmir Militancy, DPS Srinagar, CRPF

In attacking DPS Srinagar, terrorists are sending a message: No one is safe

The intention is clearly to paralyse life in the Valley and prevent any 'outsider' from establishing roots.


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Human Shield, Kashmir, OROP, Media

Why it's important for media to be careful with Army's image

Unfortunately, NGOs and human rights groups today are found challenging certain actions of the military without understanding the actual problem.


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Indian Army, Kashmir, Bipin Rawat

What criticism about Bipin Rawat says about the media

Before commenting on the military response, it would be important to reflect logically and ask, 'Is there any merit in the case?'


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Media, Army, Kashmir, Bipin Rawat

Why our armed forces need to talk to the media more often

Public support for military operations is critical to any war effort, especially so in democracies.


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J&K, Cricket, Indo-Pak, Patriotism

Ind vs Pak: In Kashmir, patriotism hinges on a game of cricket now more than ever

Thanks to jingoists, patriotism hangs by a slender thread these days.


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Army, Hurriyat, Media, Militancy

Is the media distorting the reality in Kashmir?

Are our assumptions that the Valley is on the boil correct?


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Kashmir, Aabha Hanjura, Hukus Bukus

Hukus Bukus: Musical version of Kashmiri singer’s childhood memories is breaking the internet

Though pained by migration in the 1990s, multi-talented Aabha Hanjura aspires to promote happiness about her homeland.


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Partha Chatterjee, Kashmir, Nitin Leetul Gogoi, Indian Army

What outrage over piece comparing human shield incident to Jallianwala Bagh massacre says

If professor Partha Chatterjee's logical posers are making the powers that be uneasy, it is time to raise questions about the shrinking space for dissent and free speech.


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Indian Army, Prakash Karat, Kashmir

Prakash Karat's views on Indian Army show he's living in the wrong country

The CPM leader said Army is toeing the government line. Does he know that unlike in Pakistan, the Army is a part of the government in India?