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Gau Rakshaks, Hindutva, Narendra Modi, Modi wave

What the Modi wave actually stands for

There is a reason why BJP has made all the elections, including those for civic bodies like Delhi, about PM.


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Cow Vigilantism, Narendra Modi, Alwar, Gau Rakshaks

Gau rakshaks either aren't afraid of Modi or have his silent support

Cow vigilantism took place in Delhi and Jharkhand, where police control is with BJP, and in J&K, where the party shares power with PDP.


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Narendra Modi, Regional Languages, Hindi

How Modi's Hindi-first is another step to divide India

The central government's glaring push for the language risks widening the divide in the highly diverse country.


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Democracy, Yogi Adityanath, Narendra Modi

Why authoritarian rule by leaders like Modi and Yogi Adityanath wouldn't work in India

They do not have the large numbers of administrators and managers who can get this system to work at higher levels of efficiency.


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Cow urine, Secularism, Narendra Modi, Indian democracy

India has become a subject of ridicule internationally, thanks to Modi and BJP

In the last couple of years, the country's global image on three accounts - being democratic, secular and scientific - has been seriously dented.


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Bangladesh, Narendra Modi, Sheikh Hasina, Mamata Banerjee

Sheikh Hasina visit: Have Mamata and Modi finally made up?

Amid the uncertainty over Teesta, the high point of the meet was the thawing of the ice between the PM and Bengal CM.


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Narendra Modi, Indian poor, Housing discrimination

Why Modi's 'housing for all' may turn out to be a game-changer

While we have been able to fight poverty and continue to record improvement, homelessness remains a big challenge.


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Indo-Bangla border, Narendra Modi, Sheikh Hasina, India-Bangladesh

Sheikh Hasina visit: Why India and Bangladesh must not have a ‘friendly’ border

Both parties have a lot to lose from a porous line dividing our geographies and affecting our security and politics.


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Donald Trump, Pankaj Mishra, ISIS, Narendra Modi

When Pankaj Mishra compares Modi with ISIS maniacs

The fact is there isn’t - and can’t be - one reason for what’s wrong on the planet today.