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Should Indians even be scared about privacy?

If the Aadhaar card is really just a means to distribute fairly and efficiently services the government owes to this country’s people, its actions are contradictory.


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Exposed - Modi government’s doublespeak on right to privacy in Supreme Court

While the Centre is arguing one thing in the WhatsApp data protection case in the apex court, it is contradicting itself in the right to privacy hearings.


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Aadhaar hearing: Why petitioners urged SC not to define privacy

Attorney general KK Venugopal will present the submissions for the Centre on July 25.


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Is your right to privacy absolute? SC debates tough questions on Aadhaar

It will now settle whether the right to privacy stems from Article 14, Article 19 or Article 21.


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Privacy is an even bigger issue than Aadhaar: We must care

The key question being adjudicated is whether the right to privacy is a fundamental right under the Indian Constitution or not.


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Aadhaar case in Supreme Court: Your privacy is at stake

Given all the chaos and concerns, the Constitution Bench hearing is of utmost importance to provide legal perspective and clarity on the issue.


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Why Congress has no right to criticise Aadhaar

If party leaders say they were not warned about Aadhaar, they are lying.


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Aadhaar-enabled phone was a joke - now jokers are making it real

I don't understand what is the more frightening part here.


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With Aadhaar, government shows it wants to push India down a dark hole

Fingerprints, iris scans and other future additions to UID would be tools to subdue citizens’ right to absolute bodily integrity.


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Aadhaar violates privacy: How SC advocate demolished government's defence

Shyam Divan was appearing for one of the petitioners who has challenged the constitutionality of government’s decision to make UID mandatory for filing I-T returns.