Right to Privacy



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UIDAI, PAN, Supreme Court, Aadhaar

Right to privacy is great, but what happens to Aadhaar now?

The ‘deadline’ for linking UID to PAN is August 31, but is it even legal?


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LGBTQ, Fundamental rights, Section 377, Right to Privacy

What fundamental right to privacy means for India's LGBTQ and Section 377

Maybe the price for safety doesn't always result in the loss of privacy.


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BJP, Aadhaar, Right to Privacy, Amit Shah

Amit Shah says BJP respects right to privacy. Blames Congress

'We are fully committed to ensure that the poor get their right in terms of service delivery without any diversion.'


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Aadhaar, Section 377, Right to Privacy

Privacy as fundamental right: What changes for Indians beyond Aadhaar

It is settled now that you and I have a fundamental right to our bodies.


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Supreme Court, Right to Privacy, Aadhaar, Ravi Shankar Prasad

Does Centre really think it can now fool us by claiming it was all for right to privacy?

Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has claimed government was of the view that right to privacy should be a fundamental right.


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Aadhaar, SC, Right to Privacy

Privacy is a fundamental right: Why Supreme Court’s landmark verdict is worth celebrating

Its first real test will be on Aadhaar and Section 377’s curative petition.


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Sexuality, Section 377, Right to Privacy

Gautam Bhan on right to privacy and its links to Section 377

This post first appeared on the writer's Facebook page.


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Aadhaar, Right to Privacy, Data democracy, Data Protection

How to ‘own your own data’ in the times of Aadhaar and privacy issues

What constitutes a practical model in the Indian context?


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Right to Privacy, Net Neutrality, Apple, TRAI

Data democracy is a terrible idea, so why is TRAI for it?

Even in mature democracies, only the legislature is democratic. The executive and judiciary aren't.