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Kannur, RSS, Janraksha yatra, BJP

Why Yogi Adityanath in BJP's Kerala yatra is a damp squib

The saffron party is desperately hoping to cash in on the 'love jihad' propaganda over Hadiya case.


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RSS, BJP, Dynasty politics, Rahul Gandhi

Narendra Modi is as much a dynast as Rahul Gandhi

Why is it that the role of the RSS as the 'parent' organisation of India's ruling party is not properly questioned in public domain?


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Dissent, RSS, Narendra Modi, Gauri Lankesh

Liberals should stop complaining about dissent being stifled under Modi's India

There is more vigorous editorial dissent, more public debate, and more online vitriol against Hindutva today than there ever was under Congress.


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Democracy, Constitution, RSS, Mohan Bhagwat

Mohan Bhagwat’s argument for law based on ‘ethos of society’ is unconstitutional

The RSS chief’s thinly veiled reference to the rule of a Hindu majority goes against the grain of our democratic Republic.


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MS Golwarkar, BJP, RSS, Ratan Sharda

Why we must read an insider's view of RSS, now more than ever

Ratan Sharda's book is a welcome addition to the gradually growing literature on the Sangh.


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Vamana Jayanti, Vishnu, Mahabali, RSS

Why there's a controversy in Kerala over the representation of Asura king Mahabali

There is no justification in felicitating Vishnu as Vamana, but there is ample reason to celebrate the memory of Mahabali.


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Gorakhpur hospital tragedy, RSS, Yogi Adityanath, Modi

Why Adityanath will one day give Modi a bad name

These very saffron forces are trying to dwarf PM's development agenda.


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RSS, Savarkar, Hindutva, Hindu right

Why the old and orthodox Hindutva has never been defeated

The article has been co-authored by Namrata Maheshwari, an Ahmedabad lawyer, and Arjun Joshi, a Delhi researcher.


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Hindutva, RSS, Narendra Modi, Independence Day

India at 70: Are we becoming a Hindu Rashtra?

The idea of India as conceived by our freedom fighters was never to let it become a Hindu Pakistan.