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Gau Rakshaks, Narendra Modi, Vigilantism

Why Modi should be afraid of gau rakshaks

Unbridled vigilantism poses the gravest threat to PM’s vision. He must rein them lest it is too late.


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Indian Constitution, Education, Vigilantism

It's a pity Modi doesn't see cow vigilantism and lynching of minorities as threat to Constitution

Instances like Dadri, Una and elsewhere are not mere crimes. Blind irrationality is overpowering the scientific temper that the Constitution says ought to prevail.


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Gau Rakshaks, Pakistan, Vigilantism

How India and Pakistan are afflicted by the madness of religious vigilantism

Killings over cow protection and blasphemy share many parallels.


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Tanzanian woman assault, Anti-nationalism, Vigilantism, Mob justice

Violent vigilante mob is the biggest disgrace to Mother India

The only way to create a just society is to strengthen the hands of the law, not to take the law into your hands.


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Vigilantism, Kochi, Moral Policing, Kiss of Love

Why the Indian law doesn't care about love, same-sex and making out

If kissing is obscene and indecent, then moral policing is far worse. What makes it worse is that there are laws to support it.