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Hunting, Wildlife, GST

GST: Does government want us to eat donkey meat and other questions

The list of exempted goods will make one feel that we consume horse steak and have deer antlers hanging up on our walls.


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Wildlife, Environment, Ken-Betwa link project

How the disastrous Ken-Betwa link project endangers India's tigers, rivers and mountains

Has the Centre considered all options before deciding to spend such copious amounts on a river-linking project that environmentalists have termed an ecological disaster?


 |  7-minute read
Tiger reserve, Tiger Vs Man, Wildlife

Watch how India crushes its national animal, tiger

Shocking video of the incident shows the crowd shouting: dabao, dabao!


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Odisha, Elephants, Wildlife

How elephants became refugees on the outskirts of Bhubhaneswar city

What is happening in Athgarh is happening in many parts of India — creating a situation which is dangerous for both man and animal.


 |  6-minute read
Wildlife, Madhya Pradesh, Tigers

Why tigers no longer roar in Madhya Pradesh

The state, once home to the largest tiger population in India, has earned the dubious distinction of recording maximum tiger deaths in 2016.


 |  4-minute read
Book Extract, Machali, Ranthambore, Wildlife

How Ranthambore's Machli seduced a tiger to protect her cubs

[Book extract] This aggression kept Nick a little away but two months later the tigress was arousing his interest.


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Wildlife, Travel, Monsoon

Unforgettable memories from the forest in the monsoons

Being close to nature is a certain brand of tough love.


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Gir National Park, Wildlife, Gujarat

Eight lions on the prowl on Gujarat's streets. Why is the wild going viral?

Man versus wild frequently takes human lives and shunts our rich, endangered wildlife out of their habitat.


 |  1-minute read
Wildlife, Elephant

Tragic video of elephant calf trying to bring his mother back to life

This will move you to tears. Don't say you weren't warned.