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Animal welfare, Animal Cruelty, Pakistan, Pigeon racing

Pakistan's Barbaric Cruelty: Several captive pigeons burnt alive, simply for losing a race in Faisalabad

Pakistanis use pigeons for racing and breeding. You would think the pigeons, being a ticket to get rich quick, would at least be treated well. This is not so. In Pakistan's Punjab, a cage-full was recently burnt alive.


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Psychopathic behaviour, Animal Cruelty, Psychological health

Why do some of us enjoy torturing animals? And is there a way out of such darkness?

The abuse of animals in recent times, ranging from physical to sexual, goes way beyond sane imagination. As the brutality of such incidents shocks, it is time to address what is causing this depravity.


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Bhadra the dog, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Animal Rights, Animal rape

56-inch chests and mini-atmas: As violence against animals sweeps across India, not one leader speaks for the most voiceless

Mahatma Gandhi said a nation is judged by how it treats its animals. As puppies are bludgeoned to death and little goats raped, the Mahatma would be appalled by the silence of the mini-atmas leading us today.


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Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Bestiality, Animal rape, Animal Cruelty

Humanity has a new definition: bestiality. Crimes against animals have hit terrible new lows in India

Raped cows. Beaten puppies. Dogs buried alive under tar. The real beasts in India walk on two legs, not four.


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Fashion industry, Fashion industry, Animal Cruelty, Gucci

Gucci going ‘fur-free’ is more than a fashion statement

Millions of animals trapped and waiting to be killed at fur farms now have a chance to live.


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Modi government, Animal Cruelty, Cattle slaughter

Why government's new cattle trade restrictions are unconstitutional

Though brought in as an amendment to the Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act, 1960, the rulings run contrary to the parent legislation.


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Tamil Nadu, Animal Cruelty, Jallikattu

Why these 7 arguments in defence of Jallikattu are senseless

If only animals could vote.


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Animal abuse, Tamil Nadu, Jallikattu, Animal Cruelty

Why Tamil Nadu should give up Jallikattu

The Supreme Court found the practice both cruel and unnecessary.


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Animal Cruelty, Animal culling, Kerala

Mass dog culling: Does Kerala want such barbaric politicians as its leaders?

The Kottayam episode is proof that CM Pinarayi Vijayan's word carries no weight.


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Viral Video, Animal Cruelty, Social Media

What sick pleasure can you get from burning 3 puppies alive and making a video of it?

They got their 15 seconds of fame.