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Worldpopulationday, covid-19, Women's health, Reproductive Rights

World Population Day: How Covid-19 risks reversal of progress made on gender equality

The fear of contracting coronavirus has kept many young women from accessing health facilities and interacting with frontline health workers on family planning.


 |  BREAKING NEWS INTO PIECES |  7-minute read

Vikas Dubey Encounter: Apni Apni Picture

There are two pictures running in our minds on Vikas Dubey's encounter. One is as told by the police. The other is a piece of fiction which will likely be used by the web series already being scripted.


 |  BREAKING NEWS INTO PIECES |  8-minute read

Hagia Sophia: Erdogan's dream is Turkey's nightmare

Hagia Sophia is back to being a mosque effective July 11. It is no longer a museum as Kemal Ataturk, the father of Modern Turkey, wished it.


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Usindiaties, india-china clash, ladakh incursions

How Ladakh row could speed up Indo-US intel sharing

The 2020 standoff will not lead to an Indo-US military alliance but it will deepen the existing strategic partnership between the two countries.


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Lockdown, covid-19, coronavirus pandemic, Weddings

Why weddings cannot wait in Covid times

The pandemic has dented so many aspects of collective life over the past few months, but weddings are a different story.


 |  Fortune Cookie |  2-minute read

Five-star food delivery in the ‘new normal’

When an industry leader of the stature of Taj Hotels enters the fray with its own home-delivery menu, it means there must be a strong business case for this emerging vertical.


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Hongkongprotest, xi jinpiing, china expansionism, carrie lam

Why Hong Kong is Xi Jinping’s new Achilles’ heel

The brazen modus operandi Beijing has employed to thrust the draconian national security law on Hong Kong could turn the tide against China.


 |  Shorts In The Dark |  5-minute read

How Chinese expansionist ambitions are at odds with its pop-culture exports

Chinese expansionism displays a curious lack when it comes to culture. This is at odds with most countries that have had expansionist ambitions.


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Delhi, Home, shelter, privilege

At home, rain or shine

Having shelter ought to be a right, not just a privilege. Living a life of wealth and access, with societal power and political connections, is a privilege.