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Pakistan, Sedition, jaish-e-mohammed, adil ahmed dar, pulwama terrorist attack, war mongering

Pulwama Terror Attack: Fight Pakistan, but fight these internal battles too

Armchair war-mongers, opportunist nationalists, seditionists — India must win several mini-battles to win the final war.


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Narendra Modi, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, mohammed bin salman

As PM Modi hosts Pakistan’s best friend Mohammed bin Salman, why is the RSS silent?

Virat Hindus routinely target Muslims within India. But they are apparently happy to see the red carpet rolled out for Saudi Arabia's crown prince. This, less than a week after the dastardly Pulwama attack.


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Mahatma Gandhi, Vedas, Non-violence, pulwama terror attack, shastras

Terror calls for a hard martial response. And that should entail no guilt

A misguided interpretation of Hinduism has idolised non-violent retaliation or ahimsa. There is a far greater tradition of martial valour to protect the nation and fight for the just cause.


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Pakistan, Imran Khan, Economy, IMF, bail-out package

Imran came, Imran saw, Imran begged: IMF, $20 billion 'advance', and an economic disaster

Imran Khan needs to understand the good sense behind the reforms the IMF wants Pakistan to undertake before a bail-out. But it looks like Imran's govt will rely on friends with benefits.


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China, Diplomacy, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Asia, mohammad-bin-salman

Asia beyond Pakistan: Understanding Saudi crimes and Iranian mysteries

Beyond our immediate neighbours, the Asian continent is home to many countries, each with their own international conflicts and issues. Saudi Arabia and Iran are two such nations, both crucial for India as well.


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Mohammed bin salman

Prince (C)harming? Does India’s ‘atithi’ Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia spell good news?

The Saudi royal is known for being so much more than just a Prince Charming.


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Shah Rukh Khan, Sania Mirza, Patriotism, Pulwama

Stop circulating Shah Rukh Khan fake news and other spurious junk. Yes, we mean you!

After Pulwama, an old fake news item about Shah Rukh Khan donating money to Pakistanis has gone viral. But who makes such lies circulate? It's us.


 |  Breaking Views |  6-minute read

In grief and anger: Open letter to Imran Khan from Rajdeep Sardesai

It’s not just the Pakistan army that’s to blame for terrorism on Indian soil. The government is yours — so is the responsibility to act.