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Asaduddinowaisi, Muslims in India, Secular politics, bihar election results 2020

Why the rise of Owaisi among Indian Muslims isn't difficult to understand

Owaisi's rise is simply an answer to the "secular" parties who have traditionally seen Muslims as a given vote bank.


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Bengal2021, Mamata Banerjee, Narendra Modi, india today magazine

How Bengal 2021 will be the ultimate political battle of Mamata versus Modi

India Today Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie examines the ultimate political battle of Modi versus Mamata ahead of the 2021 West Bengal Assembly elections, in the November 30, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Dailyrecco, bad boy billionaires, netflix series, docudrama

Daily Recco, November 20: The notorious club of Indian Bad Boy Billionaires

The documentary web series on Netflix puts a face to the numbers in the financial scams as it brings out the stories of India’s most infamous billionaires.


 |  KOCH DIARIES |  2-minute read

Loss, the art of creating art out of loss: Book Review

Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi's new book Loss burrows into your very being.


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Trinamoolcongress, Mamata Banerjee, west bengal assembly elections 2021, Lok Sabha elections 2019

Why I want freedom from TMC

I joined the TMC in 1998 when Mamata Banerjee formed this new party. I want freedom now because of years of insult.


 |  4-minute read
Lovejihad, Islamophobia, interfaith marriages, hindu-muslim

Why Love Jihad bill will become a tool to harass Muslims

Radical Hindu groups have been pushing the 'Love Jihad' propaganda for many years, with no data to prove their fraudulent claims. What is scary is that a conspiracy theory is being turned into a nightmarish reality.


 |  6-minute read
Chhathpuja, bihari festival, punjabi

How my Punjabi family took to Chhath Puja as its own

My mother's passion for Chhath raised many eyebrows, and some uncomfortable questions were hurled towards my grandmother who frequented the local gurudwara daily.


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Dailyrecco, sunoh, Lucky Ali, o sanam

Daily Recco, November 19: Sunoh by Lucky Ali is raking up nostalgia that is worth it

Being stuck at home has unleashed a wave of nostalgia that no one is regretting. Riding high on that wave is Sunoh by Lucky Ali. Listen for yourself to know what we mean.


 |  11-minute read
Vandebharatmission, covid19, Air India, Wuhan

What flying home to India from China on a Vande Bharat Mission flight was like

My paranoia of not spending much time in transit in these turbulent times of a pandemic also prompted me to book my whole itinerary in such a way that I eventually had to change four flights in less than 24 hours to reach Kolkata from Beijing.