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Food, Nationalism, india at 71, independence day 2018

India's most independent dish: How biryani became truly national

Food historians argue about its origins, but this is the one dish that exists across the country today, uniting us all.


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Hindutva, Independence Day, Freedom, india at 71

Being independent in today's India

For many Indians, 'índependence' has always had a political ring. But there is so much more to this.


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Narendra Modi, Lynchings, independence day 2018, pm speech

The PM did not speak of lynchings in his Independence Day speech. It is time we start speaking up

When the political class abandons its responsibilities, civil society needs to step up.


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Narendra Modi, national register of citizens, independence day 2018, narendra modi speech

How PM Modi's Independence Day speech set the agenda for 2019 Lok Sabha polls

The speech made an impact because the Prime Minister's claims were backed by impressive and undeniable figures.


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Donald Trump, space force, mike pence, militarisation

Space Farce? All you need to know about America's newly proposed military wing

Militarisation in space. Is it going to turn into the Wild Wild West?


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India, Karunanidhi, hindi imposition, linguistic nationalism

Why it's important to understand Karunanidhi's fight against Hindi imperialism

It is only because of the politics of Karunanidhi that English TV channels, English textbooks, a whole employment ecology with English as currency, exists in India.


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Kashmir, Lok Sabha election 2019, independence day 2018, modi speech

Modi at Red Fort: With his word-bank drying, the PM delivered yet another election speech

Unlike his usual self, the Prime Minister's energy level today was way down.


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Wildlife, world elephant day, independence day 2018, tree fellings

This Independence Day, five things we urgently need independence from in the environmental sphere

We need to understand nature is the basis for life, we need planning with conservation, not destruction, at its heart.


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Bangladesh, Independence Day, sheikh mujibur rahman

August 15: Why Bangladesh’s founding father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was assassinated by the army

The only two family members who managed to survive were his two daughters — Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana.