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Narendra Modi, Shashi Tharoor, sabarimala temple, sree padmanabhaswamy temple

How does it feel, Shashi Tharoor, when you're not 'allowed' to enter a temple?

Shashi Tharoor alleges he could not enter a temple due to PM Modi. But men like Tharoor are blocking women from entering Sabarimala temple. Why should Mr Tharoor claim a right to enter any temple at any time, security protocols notwithstanding?


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Bollywood, kumbh mela, Kumbh Mela 2019, prayagraj

How Bollywood ruined the Kumbh Mela for me

What ended up becoming one of Bollywood's most iconic phrases — "Kumbh ke Mele mein bichde huye bhai" — was actually a very real fear I lived with all my childhood.


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Bollywood, Ruskin Bond, Horror Movies, pari, stree

From 'bhoot' to 'chudail', Bollywood's 'spirited' tryst with the supernatural!

We're exploring the labyrinth of Bollywood ghost stories, one creaking door at a time!


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Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Congress, BJP, Rafale

If Rahul Gandhi is 'lying', the BJP has miserably failed to nail him

The BJP leadership's weak defence against the Congress president’s serious charges has cost the party dear. If Rahul gathers steam and the BJP loses some, it could well see 2019 slipping from its grasp.


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Supreme Court, Homosexuality, Army, General Bipin Rawat

General Rawat doesn’t want homosexuality in the Indian Army: He should look at other nations that have allowed it

There is no data to suggest that homosexuals in an army can adversely impact its valour or morale. The experience of various countries shows Armed Forces actually benefit from leaving soldiers’ personal lives alone.


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Shiv Sena, Valentine's Day, VHP, Bajrang Dal

Sisters’ Day, Parents’ Day, Lathi Puja Day: Call it anything but Valentine’s Day!

Here's something India and Pakistan share: our fear and loathing of Valentine's Day. Why? Well, clearly we all believe 'pyaar ek dhoka hai'!


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Narendra Modi, Gujarat, BJP, 2019 general elections

Beyond 2019: If the BJP loses, how Narendra Modi could spend time (till 2024)

As political shapes shift now, some predict a possible loss for the BJP. While the 2019 election remains an entirely open question, we wonder what Narendra Modi, who's wielded great power for almost 18 years, could do after being PM?


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India, Marriage, virginity debate, urban life

I am a virgin girl. And I want a virgin husband too

I have decided my sexual choice. It doesn't make me repressed. It actually makes me free.


 |  Right foot forward |  5-minute read

Why it's an all-out-war for 2019 Lok Sabha elections

There is no love lost on any side with the battle lines so sharply drawn. But amidst the polarisation and bitter divisiveness, there are also signs of hope.