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DailyOh! Mind the gap between the vaccines, Sputnik V has landed

The Russian Covid vaccine has reached India and will be available in the market from next week onwards, NITI Aayog has said.


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Students, school counsellors, adolescent health, psychologist

Why we need trained psychologists in schools

A psychologist's responsibility makes them an ever-approachable and accessible source of comfort and communication for students.


 |  The Other Side Of Farming |  4-minute read

The buffalo on a bicycle that yielded home-brewed liquor

In the village, there are some professions so strange that you would not believe they are for real.


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Dailyrecco, asura: tale of the vanquished, anand neelakantan, Mythological fiction

Daily Recco, May 13: Asura, the tale of Ravana and his people

In his debut novel, Anand Neelakantan manages to tell a version of Ravana's story without the usual demeaning of the other side: Ram and his riverine civilisation.


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Why India needs a new pathway to conquer Covid 2.0

The Indian mutant is perhaps the most calamitous form of the Coronavirus yet known. It has tested the limits of our healthcare system, our administration and our resolution to take decisive actions in a short time.


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DailyOh! WHO says nothing called Indian variant, Cyclone Tauktae on way

The east-central Arabian Sea is likely to see the formation of a cyclonic storm in the coming days, named Tauktae as given by Myanmar.


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Dailyrecco, thunder force, superhero series, melissa mccarthy, octavia spencer

Daily Recco, May 12: Thunder Force of unusual superhero besties

Thunder Force is worth a watch to see McCarthy and Spencer poke fun of other superhero films in the subtlest of ways.


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Parenting, teenagers, adolescence, conscious parenting, Meditation

How to raise confident teenagers through Conscious Parenting

‘Conscious Parenting’ is the ability of a parent to nurture children’s willingness to listen to their hearts and develop the courage to do so.


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DailyOh! WHO's concern over Indian Covid variant, to what blood groups are vulnerable

Research shows that people with AB blood group are most vulnerable to Covid-19, closely followed by blood group B. The O group people showed the lowest seropositivity.