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Teaching, Higher Education, DU, JNU, NET, PHd

Why India's higher education is in need of reform

Teaching is no ordinary profession. At stake is the future of society, state and nation.


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Rape, sexual assault, haryana gang rape, cbse topper rape

Haryana gang rape: Why reporting on rape is now a national treasure hunt

The discourse has to be around rape as a crime, not who became the victim of the crime.


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Social Media, Twitter, Marijuana, Uday Chopra

The curious case of Uday Chopra's tweets: Finally, we solved the mystery

In 2003, Uday Chopra wished Diwali a very happy birthday on the day of Diwali!


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Poverty, illiteracy, parliamentary democracy, charter of freedoms

Riposte to Fayaz Ganie - No, Indians care more about getting food and jobs than abstract freedoms

High theories of rights and freedom mean nothing to a people who have only deprivation courtesy their electoral system.


 |  7-minute read
Defence Ministry, Nirmala Sitharaman, Rafale Deal, ak antony

Will Rafale deal be able to dodge the political fusillade?

The requirement of addressing the depleting strength of the Indian Air Force is an issue beyond debate.


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Book Review, the brahmin, ravi shankar etteth, the book of shiva

The Brahmin: Ravi Shankar Etteth weaves a colourful espionage thriller

The book, like Etteth’s characters, has multiple facets. An espionage thriller, historical fiction, murder mystery; all these and more.


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Maternity leave, daycare, nannies, babysitter

How unprofessional creches and untrained nannies are forcing working mothers to quit their jobs

India needs to take a leaf from the Nordic countries and improve overall parenting norms.


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Congress, BJP, Religion, Emergency, Caste, hate crimes, Bhima Koregaon, charter of freedoms

Why India needs a new Charter of Freedoms

Despite assertions otherwise, the majority of the nation values freedom and civil liberties.


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Supreme Court, Ban, pain killers, saridon

Govt's 'war' against Saridon has exposed some misconceptions about pain that is debilitating Indians

There are no affordable, over-the-counter painkillers that can cure the bane of being underprivileged.