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Canada, Justin Trudeau, Trudeau India visit, Indo-Canada ties

Is Justin Trudeau holidaying in India on taxpayers' money? Canada wants to know

It is worth noting that his India itinerary includes just half a day of official engagements in New Delhi.


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Tourism, Priyanka Chopra, assamese tradition, brand ambassador

How Priyanka Chopra's cleavage made 'awesome Assam' uncomfortable

Congress leaders said 'frock' is not part of traditional Assamese attire.


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Kashmir, Congress, BJP, Army, Interlocutor

In Kashmir, history repeats itself - first as pellets, and then as 'talks'

The possibility of a truly democratic society in India is somehow intrinsically linked to how we talk to and about Kashmir.


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Banking Fraud, PNB fraud, SWIFT, Loan default

How to avoid another loot like Punjab National Bank fraud

SWIFT must be linked to the core banking system so that scam don't go undetected for long.


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Doordarshan, Media, Modi government, Bias

I'm surprised Modi, like Indira Gandhi, has ensured Doordarshan remains biased and boring

DD's biggest drawback has been the reluctance of successive governments to give it the independence.


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Apple, iOS, Telugu text bomb, watchOS, tvOS

Will Apple's update firefight 'Telugu text bomb'?

Update 11.2.6 fixes an issue that caused affected devices to crash and apps on them such as WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook to malfunction.


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Gun control, Gun violence, Second Amendment

Why United States takes its guns to school

Because a history of mental illness and violent tendencies is no barrier to getting a weapon capable of murder.


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Gujarat, Dalits, Jignesh Mevani, Bhanubhai Vankar

Land for Dalits: Why did it take Bhanubhai Vankar's death and Mevani jail visit for government to act?

Gujarat fracas proved the state has failed to give them land as well as respect.


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Modi government, Nirav Modi, PNB scam

How Nirav Modi exposes Narendra Modi

PM had us believe that even as a child he was bringing home crocodiles from the river.