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Korean cinema, K-movies, Space movies, Space sweepers

Daily Recco, July 15: Space Sweepers, the working-class for the space-bound

Armed with great humour, brilliant acting, highly charged action sequences and truckloads of splendid visuals to satiate the sci-fi buff in you, Space Sweepers is a great way to fantasise about life in the great beyond.


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Netflix series, Web series, Sci-Fi, Black Mirror

Daily Recco, June 10: Black Mirror, if you're up for the chills

Black Mirror on Netflix underlines the concept that technology itself is not harmful to humans, but everything depends on how humans choose to interact with it.


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Data Protection, Facebook whatsapp data sharing, Privacy violations, WhatsAapp

Why Whatsapp is desperate to update its privacy policy

Despite facing severe criticism for its planned update on privacy policy, WhatsApp has stuck to its guns and has decided to plough ahead with its policy updates.


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Twitter ban, Koo, Jack Dorsey, Twitter

Indian ban on Twitter? Why Jack Dorsey or Twitter probably don't give a tweet

Losing access to the Indian market may not turn out to be a big deal for Twitter.


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Facebook, Sundar Pichai, Google, Googlevsaustralia

Why the world is watching this Australia versus Google match closely

An Australian legislation, if passed, could lead to a global demand for social media companies to pay for content owned by other media firms.


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Artificial Intelligence, Colonisation, Robots, Bookexcerpt

Exporting manpower and importing technology

The AI-driven revolution will have an unequal impact on different segments of humanity, that will eventually lead to digital colonisation. An exclusive excerpt from Rajiv Malhotra's latest book.


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Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Cybersecurity, Digitalworld

Six reasons tech will be a major trend in 2021

We can expect 2021 to be revolutionary with respect to innovation and growth in the internet-enabled technologies.


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Policymaking, Social Media, Chinese apps, Tiktokban

TikTok: US explores, India's ban continues

The US is working towards taking advantage of TikTok’s popularity but the Indian government is still continuing its ban on the app that has been a platform where many young talents mushroomed.


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Clinical trials, Hydroxychloroquine, Covid-19 treatment, Coronavirus vaccineQuantum Leap

The pitfalls of seeking a quick coronavirus cure

Scientific groups are rushing to announce results of their trials in journals, sometimes with questionable data.


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Employment, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic process automation, Jobs

The rise of hyper-automation, and its implications

Hyper-automation is the smart packaging of automation tools with embedded cognitive abilities and intelligence. Will it replace humans in jobs?