Your favourite GTA won't be releasing on PC, at least not anytime soon

Debodinna Chakraborty
Debodinna ChakrabortyDec 05, 2023 | 14:35

Your favourite GTA won't be releasing on PC, at least not anytime soon

The press release of Rockstar games had no mention of GTA 6 PC release date. (Photo: X/Rockstar games)

Social media was abuzz with excitement as the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 trailer dropped on Tuesday (December 5) morning. However, confusion arose among fans when the game's release date for PC was conspicuously absent during the launch.


  • Rockstar Games unexpectedly released the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 ahead of schedule in response to a leaked preview on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter).
  • The trailer quickly went viral on YouTube, amassing over 11 million views within two hours of its official release on the Rockstar Games channel.
  • The GTA 6 trailer confirmed numerous leaks about the open-world game that had surfaced over the years since its development was announced.

  • Despite this, a Rockstar Games press release revealed that the game is slated for release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025, with no news provided regarding a PC launch.

  • This omission disappointed many PC gaming fans.

Is GTA VI not coming out on PC?

  • In an official statement today, Rockstar PR confirmed the game's release on "PlayStation® 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2025," without any mention of a PC version.
  • The uncertainty surrounding GTA 6's PC launch has long been debated due to Rockstar's historical reluctance and complex relationship with the modding community.
  • The hopes for a change with GTA 6 were dashed today for millions of GTA fans.
  • However, this doesn't definitively rule out a PC release, as major Rockstar titles typically arrive on PC eventually.
  • The exact waiting time for PC gamers to experience one of the decade's biggest games remains undisclosed by Rockstar.
Last updated: December 05, 2023 | 14:35
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