Elon Musk and Andrew Tate disapprove of GTA VI because they don’t want to shoot cops

Ayaan Paul
Ayaan PaulDec 06, 2023 | 14:35

Elon Musk and Andrew Tate disapprove of GTA VI because they don’t want to shoot cops

Elon Musk and the dynamic duo of wisdom, the Tate brothers, have taken a break from revolutionising electric cars and dudebro advice to share their profound insights on Rockstar Games’ hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6).

Musk speaks up

The billionaire and self-proclaimed gaming aficionado recently graced the gaming community with his discerning thoughts on the violence in GTA 6. 

Seemingly drawing an ethical line in the virtual sand, Musk disclosed that he just couldn't bring himself to shoot police officers in the game's opening scene.


Thank you, Elon, for your commitment to virtual law and order, leaving us to ponder the deep moral questions posed by pixelated policemen.

Of course, Musk's comments were met with a shower of understanding and sympathy. Because when we think of Elon Musk, we think of a beacon of virtue and the moral compass we've all been desperately seeking in the debaucherous streets of Vice City.

Tate bros weigh in

And if that wasn’t nearly enough, enter the Tate brothers, Andrew and Tristen, who graced their Rumble livestream with an enlightening discourse on the evolution of video games. 

Tristen Tate, in his infinite wisdom, expressed his disapproval of anyone under the age of 18, or maybe 21, playing games where the goal is shooting police officers. 

"I am not a fan of anyone under the age of 18, 21 maybe, where the goal is to shoot police officers. I just don't think that it is good for society."

Their groundbreaking suggestion? Game studios should explore more positive objectives. Perhaps, in their visionary minds, players could become the embodiment of justice as police officers, fighting pixelated crime in a utopian virtual world. Who knew gaming could be so morally uplifting?

As for others who launched themselves in support of Musk and Tate, it seems Twitter's Community Notes was out for blood today...

So, in conclusion, we thank Elon and the Tate brothers for gracing us with their valuable insights, reminding us that video games are a serious business, and the fate of society hangs in the balance of virtual police encounters and eagerly await their next foray into the world of gaming philosophy. 

Following its long-awaited trailer drop yesterday, GTA 6 is set to release no earlier than 2025.

Last updated: December 06, 2023 | 14:35
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