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France, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Global warming

5 Nostradamus predictions for 2022: AI takeover, inflation, invasion of France

French astrologer Nostradamus is famed for how accurate his predictions are. Here are 5 he made for the year 2022 from his book Les Propheties, published in 1555.


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Artificial Intelligence, Colonisation, Robots, Bookexcerpt

Exporting manpower and importing technology

The AI-driven revolution will have an unequal impact on different segments of humanity, that will eventually lead to digital colonisation. An exclusive excerpt from Rajiv Malhotra's latest book.


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Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Cybersecurity, Digitalworld

Six reasons tech will be a major trend in 2021

We can expect 2021 to be revolutionary with respect to innovation and growth in the internet-enabled technologies.


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Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digital strategy, Postcovidworld

Why we need to reset our digital strategy in the post-Covid world

Digital transformation will now require a complete renewed vision of every business’s digital destination. It is now a digital journey for any business, steered by a well-thought digital strategy.


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Artificial Intelligence, Satyajit Ray, Pather panchali, Film colourisation

The colour of film nostalgia

In a scenario where even officially older films are a mess to watch with DVDs and Blurays butchering their aspect ratios, the trauma of witnessing colourisation of some of the seminal classics is far from over.


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Employment, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic process automation, Jobs

The rise of hyper-automation, and its implications

Hyper-automation is the smart packaging of automation tools with embedded cognitive abilities and intelligence. Will it replace humans in jobs?


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Coronavirus pandemic, Digital revolution, Artificial Intelligence, Covid19

Is technology is a blessing or a curse in times of Covid-19?

While all the efforts are to find the vaccine and save lives with optimal arrangements, the concomitant role of digital technologies remains a mixed blessing.


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Indian ai sector, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Datalabelling

How an army of data labellers are behind India's AI boom

Indian AI sector is growing by leaps and bounds and data labelling business is expected to be valued at $1.2 billion by 2023.


 |  13-minute read
Robots, Android, AI, Artificial Intelligence

When a human and an android got talking

This fictional dialogue flags questions and concerns as we confront the age of artificial intelligence.


 |  Quantum Leap  |  3-minute read
Science, Investment, India, Artificial Intelligence

Why India must invest more in developing Artificial Intelligence

China, in particular, is pumping massive investments to achieve global leadership in AI, and hopes to invest up to 150 billion dollars by 2030.