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Bali, Recycling waste, Plastic waste, Wastemanagement

In Bali, you can exchange plastic for rice: 4 other superb waste management systems around the world

As folks in Bali sustainably exchange plastic waste for rice, here are some ways recycling is helping other nations.


 |  6-minute read
Travelling, Bali, Indian abroad, Indian travellers

When Indians Travel: From pushing to stealing, why the Indian traveller is just so embarrassing

An Indian family recently made news for allegedly lifting items from their hotel rooms in Bali. Even as their video went viral, the truth is, they are not alone. There are millions like them.


 |  5-minute read
China, Tourism, Bali

What India can learn from Bali

The babus here are unfortunately unable to understand simplicity and efficiency.


 |  Ed Hoc  |  4-minute read
Superman Is Dead, Indonesia, Bali

Why Superman is Dead, Hindu culture are at home in Bali

While good citizens of Bombay have bowed down to fate, a punk rock band in the Indonesian city has picked up the big fight against reclamation.