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ICC, Lockdown, Ball tampering, Waqaryounis

DailyOh! Why Waqar Younis thinks ICC 'guys' are frustrated with lockdown, to (dis)honour killing in Punjab

The International Cricket Council is pondering over legalising ball tampering.


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Ball tampering, Cricket, Australian cricket, Steve Smith

Why cheating sports icons hurt fans so much

But asking for Steve Smith's head on a tandoori platter is an overreaction to an act that isn’t all that terrible.


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Ball tampering, Aus Vs SA, Steven Smith

Why I'm glad ball-tampering scandal has clean bowled bully Aussies and Steve Smith

What is shocking is their brazenness.


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Bancroft, Australian cricket, Ball tampering, Steven Smith

How the ball-tampering controversy will stump Australian cricket

The Bancroft incident brings to focus the reputation of Aussie cricketers, which now lies in tatters.


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Australian cricket, ICC, Ball tampering

Ball-tampering controversy: Cricketing fraternity wakes up to debate on ethics

Cricket Australia may announce 'exemplary punishment' for Cameron Bancroft and Steve Smith.


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Australian cricket, Steve Smith, Ball tampering, Cameron Bancroft

What Cameron Bancroft’s ball tampering will mean for Australian cricket

Playing hard cricket, sledging is one thing, cheating quite another.