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Netflix series, Web series, Sci-Fi, Black Mirror

Daily Recco, June 10: Black Mirror, if you're up for the chills

Black Mirror on Netflix underlines the concept that technology itself is not harmful to humans, but everything depends on how humans choose to interact with it.


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Black Mirror, Dystopia, Data mining, Netflix

Bandersnatch is not just fun, it may herald a dystopian future

Interactive videos may turn out to be mindless fun and good entertainment, but they may also enable a kind of dystopia that will go beyond even the ones imagined in sci-fi novels.


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Star Wars, Netflix, Bandersnatch, Black Mirror

Spoilt with choices? Why 'Black Mirror' episode 'Bandersnatch' is not the future of entertainment

The interactivity offered by this episode of 'Black Mirror' on Netflix is overbearing.


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13 Reasons Why, Suicide, Mumbai, Black Mirror

Blue whale: Why the online suicide challenge seems all too familiar

There have been numerous shows and instances warning us of the perils of a digital life.