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Bnp, Kamal hossain, Sheikh Hasina, Jaitya oikya manch

Why Delhi should be watching approaching elections in Dhaka very closely

As polling fever rises, large-scale clashes appear likely. But the violence wouldn't be limited there. If Pakistani groups have their way, it would impact even India's security.


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Khaleda Zia, Bnp, Awami League, Bangladesh elections

Bangladesh polls: Why Awami League cosying up to Islamic fundamentalist Hefazat-e-Islam is raising eyebrows

The election assumes greater significance this time due to PM Sheikh Hasina’s display of political astuteness in engaging with her political adversaries.


 |  8-minute read
Awami League, Bnp, Student protests, Bangladesh

How non-violent student protests in Bangladesh took political colours and threaten to spread to India too

There is enough political ammunition for the BNP to churn the agitations into a major roadblock for the Awami League and its friends in New Delhi.


 |  4-minute read
India, Awami League, Bnp, Bangladesh elections

How the election heat in neighbouring Bangladesh is seeping into India

Once in the electoral fray, the BNP will prove to be a formidable Opposition causing serious challenges to the Awami League.