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Coal India, Economic slowdown, GDP, Coal blocks

How Indian courts could be holding back the economy

The burden of economically irresponsible judicial decision-making could be exponential as was the case with the famous coal block allocation case.


 |  4-minute read
Rat-hole mining, Coal India, Thai cave rescue, Meghalaya mining accident

We care more about boys trapped in a Thai cave than our own miners dying in Meghalaya

Rescue operations in Meghalaya are stuck for 15 days because there are no pumps strong enough to flush out flood water. In Thailand, an Indian firm had supplied the pumps. In India, no one even supplies tears.


 |  Retrofit  |  5-minute read
Energy Security, Coal India, Coal blocks

Coal ordinance: Government needs a plan

The coal sector must jettison the present policy regime to achieve substantial output expansion.


 |  5-minute read
Utlra mega Power Plants, TRAI, Coal India, Coalgate

SC must rethink Coalgate ruling

The judgement is a huge blunder, because the court does not appreciate the involvement of a private entity in the matter of mining of coal.