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Commerce, Science, Narendra Modi, Jamiaprotests

As Modi magic fades, it is time to heed to young voices on CAA

A new generation of student leaders objected to the exclusion of Muslims from the CAA. They were a new citizenry showing empathy and cosmopolitanism that the BJP does not comprehend.


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Commerce, Science, University, Schooleducation

Dilemma of deciding a life-long career at the school level

Students are compelled to make career choices in school that are likely to stay with them for a significant part of their lives. But do they have adequate information to make such choices at that level?


 |  2-minute read
Agriculture, Industry, Commerce, Kamal Nath

Why CM Kamal Nath faces a difficult task in pumping life into Madhya Pradesh's commerce and industry

The way ahead is to make the shift from agriculture to commerce and industry.