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Covid-19, Leave the world behind, Rumaan alam, Bookreview

Leave The World Behind, in a post-Covid world: Book Review

Leave The World Behind by Rumaan Alam is almost the chronicle of a disaster foretold. Except, in his book, we never really know what the disaster is.


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Chehre, The big bull, Covid-19, Bollywood

For Bollywood, how 2020 was about surviving the bad to bring home the good

Like many producers, I too have survived disrupted schedules and long periods of uncertainty to now look back at this year with gratitude.


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India today magazine, Covid-19, India today sots study, Stateofthestates

State of the States: The leaders in the fight against Covid-19

India Today Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie talks about the newly introduced category — ‘leader in the fight against Covid-19’ — in the 19th State of the States study, in the December 7, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.


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Covid-19, Immunity booster, Kadha, Dailyrecco

Daily Recco, November 18: Kadha, The 2020 Drink of the Year

The Kadha is no vaccine for coronavirus, but it sure can help boost your immunity.


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MCD, Covid-19, Aam Aadmi Party, BJP

Delhi MCDs should stop blaming AAP govt for a menace of their own making

The blames and the claims of the MCDs against the Delhi government are baseless. These claims can politicise the issue, grab catchy headlines and photo-ops for protesting mayors, but cannot really solve the problem.


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Covid-19, Sushant Singh Rajput, Ballia, Worldfoodday

DailyOh! Lives are longer by 10 years, but it's not all healthy, to how much food you can eat

How long you live depends on which state you are from.


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Government apathy, Covid-19, Stubble burning, Airpollution

Stubble burning in Covid times: Why Punjab, Haryana's apathy is worsening North India's air

The stubble burning season is here and with Covid already playing havoc with our respiratory systems, the political apathy of state governments is the last thing we need.


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World egg day, Eggs, Harshvardhan, Covid-19

DailyOh! Why IMA wants Harshvardhan to come clean on yoga, to when we started using eggs for baking

The Indian Medical Association has said if the ministry doesn’t issue a clarification, it will be considered that Health Ministry is inflicting a fraud on the nation by calling placebos as drugs.


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Economic impact of covid-19, Lockdown, Covid-19, Covideconomy

How to pull the economy out of the Covid-19 pit

The immediate priority for policymakers is to address the health crisis and contain economic damages with support for households, firms and essential services.


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Treatment, Covid-19, Acupuncture

How acupuncture helps treat post-Covid complications

Acupuncture has shown improvement in patients who develop complications after recovering from Covid-19.