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Cricket, Sunil gavaskar, Vikas dubey, Vikasdubeyencounter

DailyOh! Was Vikas Dubey in the car that overturned?

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has asked what about those protecting him. Well, with Vikas Dubey gone, they appear fully protected now.


 |  9-minute read
Remdesivir, Cricket, Vikas dubey, Souravganguly

DailyOh! When Dada made Steve Waugh wait; to the killing that made Vikas Dubey don

The former Australian cricketer said he was ‘wound up’ by Sourav Ganguly’s ‘continued petulance’. How off the mark was Waugh?


 |  6-minute read
Cricket, Covidiot, Cyclone bhola, Cycloneamphan

DailyOh! Cyclone Amphan is here, but why we can’t forget Cyclone Bhola

Not only did Cyclone Bhola kill 5 lakh people, but also ensured Awami League won the region, serving a huge blow to Pakistani General Yahya Khan.


 |  4-minute read
Ranji Trophy, Jakarta asian games, Cricket, Football

Goodbye, Chuni Goswami: India’s greatest all-round sportsman

Chuni Goswami would come home as a footballer, have dinner and get up the next morning as a cricketer. It came naturally to him.


 |  2-minute read
World Cup 2019, Mahendra singh, BJP, Cricket

MS Dhoni's political debut: 3 reasons why Dhoni should join politics now

Indian politics needs some of Dhoni's helicopter shots!


 |  Shorts In The Dark  |  8-minute read
Army-insignia, Balidaan badge, MS Dhoni, Cricket

MS Dhoni and his Balidaan: The lessons to learn from women's tennis

The recent brouhaha over MS Dhoni's armed forces insignia turned the whole affair into one of hyper-nationalism, cricket be damned. Personally, I'm with Dhoni, but not for the reasons you'd think.


 |  2-minute read
Australia, World Cup 2019, India vs Pakistan, Cricket

5 things to watch for in the World Cup: From India's Kesari jersey to the Afghan Debut, there's a lot that's new

As the cricket World Cup starts, here's a quick view of what you haven't seen before, and what you definitely cannot miss.


 |  3-minute read
Cricket, Netflix series, Netflix, Selection day

World Cup 2019: If cricket is religion, Netflix series 'Selection Day' introduces us to its atheists, agnostics and believers

Rajesh Tailang, Yash Dholye, Karanvir Malhotra and Mohammad Samad show how cricket shapes life and in turn gets shaped by it.


 |  5-minute read
World Cup, Cricket, India-Pakistan, Pulwama

Boycott Pakistan Strategically: Terror and sports never go together because ethics is no game

Compete in multilateral contests but no India-Pakistan matches. We must cut out direct sporting ties with a nation that sponsors terrorism. By playing bilaterally with them, we legitimise their duplicity.


 |  5-minute read
One day cricket, India australia one day, Cricket, MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is not just a cricketer. He is a cricketing phenomenon

MS Dhoni has not sacrificed his humility at the altar of adulation. A folk hero now, he is still the world-famous next-door neighbor to many in Ranchi.