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Modi government, Diesel, Petrol, Fuel price cut

Petrol and diesel price cut shows government is taking note of rising public anger

The excise duty on fuels has been cut by Rs 2 per litre, but is it enough to spur growth?


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Achhe Din, BJP, Diesel, Petrol

Modi government's fuel price hike is taking the steam out of achhe din

The fact remains that India's tax base remains pitifully poor.


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Petrol, Diesel, Modi government

Why does Modi sarkar want more tax on diesel than petrol?

If the Centre is keen on discouraging diesel cars, it needs to bring parity in the levy on the two fuels.


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Delhi pollution, Diesel, Odd-Even Formula

Delhi's odd-even formula is a necessary war on auto industry

All the policies and investments till now have been directed towards ensuring more cars on roads.


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Delhi pollution, Diesel, Odd-Even Formula

Delhi odd-even car formula a necessity

There is no alternative to substantially increasing public transport.


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Indian Economy, Diesel, Oil prices

Increasing tax on crude oil and diesel is good economics

A five per cent tax will translate into revenues of over Rs 3,000 crore a month or Rs 13,500 crore in the remaining months of the current fiscal year, if the duty is imposed immediately.